Aesthetix introduces Saturn Eclipse collection

New seven strong family includes all-valve phono stage, line stage preamp, DAC, preamp, power amp and DAC/CD player

Californian brand Aesthetix’s renowned Saturn series gets a 2018 update with its seven-strong Saturn Eclipse collection of high-end components.

Distributed in the UK by Cool Gales in Bath and Hi-Fi Sound in Stockton-on-Tees, prices range from £12,455 each for the Rhea Eclipse all-valve phono stage and the Calypso Eclipse (pictured below) line stage preamp, to the Atlas Eclipse mono power amplifier pair at £31,190. The other components in the collection are the Pandora Eclipse DAC (£14,950), Janus Eclipse full-function preamp and Romulus Eclipse DAC/CD Player (each £16,200) and the Atlas Eclipse power amp (£18,700).

According to the manufacturer, enhancements include new StealthCap capacitors for subtle detailing and improved spatial imaging; electrical upgrades; advanced mechanical chassis isolation and sophisticated power supply grounding. 

For the Eclipse editions of the Janus and Calypso preamplifiers high-frequency tuning capacitors have been installed and hand adjusted to tailor the frequency response. The latest incarnation of the power amp features super-matched output devices, which serve to lower specific aspects of output stage distortion by as much as 40dB.

All products in the stylish Saturn Eclipse range feature Harmonic Resolutions Systems’ Nimbus Couplers, replacing the four rubber feet of their predecessors, for a lower noise floor. Current Saturn series components can also be upgraded to the new Eclipse editions, says Aesthetix. Click here for more.