Audiolab unveils 6000 Series and M-DAC Nano

Audiolab introduces its M-DAC Nano pocketable/headphone amp and entry-level 6000 Series with integrated amplifier and CD transport, all designed for today's music lover

2018 has been a busy year for Audiolab which has seen the hi-fi specialist move into the in-ear headphone market with two M-EAR designs and unveil its £149 M-DAC Nano DAC/headphone amp (below). The company is well regarded for its DACs and traditional components and the arrival of the new 6000 Series shows it hasn't forgotten its roots. The familiar design builds on the highly-regarded 8000 Series with two new full-width components in what it describes as its best value components ever. 

Priced at £599, the 6000A is a Class AB integrated amplifier rated at 2x 50W into 8ohm that incorporates two optical and two coaxial digital inputs along with three line-level RCA analogue inputs and a moving-magnet phono stage input. Bluetooth with aptX support is on board and the integrated can be switched to operate in dedicated pre or power modes.  

The £379 6000CDT is a slot-loading CD transport that's billed as the ideal companion to the 6000A integrated. Full review next month. Click here to find out more.