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B&O unveils BeoLab 50

New BeoLab 50 features active room compensation to optimise sound for your room

B&O’s newly unveiled BeoLab 50 floorstanding loudspeaker utilises the same active room compensation technology that’s found in the BeoLab 90 – enabling it to use an external microphone to measure the physical acoustic properties of the room that it’s placed in and then adjust its compensation filters accordingly to provide what the company describes as optimum sound, no matter where you choose to listen in the room. B&O’s Acoustic Lens Technology is applied to the top of the BeoLab 50 to handle dispersion of the upper frequencies. Using beam width control, it is able to project the sound in 180° mode or a narrow sweet spot for a dedicated listening position. Each wireless active loudspeakers weighs 61kg and the system claims 2,100W of precision power connected in a master-slave configuration. An iOS and Android app takes care of operation. The BeoLab 50 is available to buy now for £22,930 and you can find out more about it here.