Dynaudio introduces Music multi-room systems

Danish loudspeaker brand enters the wireless multi-room arena with four all-in-one systems

Multi-room music systems are a popular choice for a growing number of music fans and Danish hi-fi loudspeaker brand Dynaudio is the latest to diversify and join the fray. Its new four-strong range of networked active speaker systems is called Music and can be used in any combination desired up to a total of six units. All four speakers share some common intelligent technology, designed to make them easier to integrate into your environment. Each is fitted with software called RoomAdapt, which claims to sense the proximity of the speaker in relation to rear or side walls and adjust its output for the optimum performance. This is partnered with another clever-sounding feature called NoiseAdapt that uses adaptive DSP technology to adjust the output for the best sound when the volume is set low or compensate for higher levels of ambient noise in a room.

If you have no idea what you want to play, a Dynaudio Music Now app includes software that learns your musical preferences to play an adaptive playlist with tracks that should fit with your music tastes. This feature can be allocated to one of five presets on each Music speaker along with providing quick access to internet radio, Spotify and Tidal streaming services. Additional features include DLNA streaming, aptX-capable Bluetooth and AirPlay wireless as
well as a 3.5mm input for wired connections. All speakers support music file playback up to 24/96.   

Each active model uses individual Class D amplifiers to each driver. The bass and mid/bass drivers are all made from Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP cone material and partnered with a special soft-dome tweeter. 

The Music 1 (£450) is fitted with a 25mm tweeter and 102mm mid/bass driver while Music 3 (£575) has two tweeters and a larger 127mm mid/bass driver. Both models claim to deliver up to 40W to each of their drivers and can be powered from the mains as well as an internal battery, which claims 8 hours from one charge. The larger Music 5 (£700) has one 127mm bass driver, three 76mm midrange drivers partnered to a single tweeter. Music 7 (£875) adds a further midrange driver. Both models claim 50W to each driver, are mains powered only, have optical digital inputs and can be table top
or wall mounted. The Music 7 also has an HDMI input with ARC and can be used as a TV soundbar.

Each Music model is available now in four cloth finishes – light and dark grey, red and blue with interchangeable speaker grilles. Click here to find out more.