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WIN: IsoTek Evo3 Corvus mains block with Premier cable, plus seven runner’s up prizes of Evo3 Initium cables

Electricity is a vital ingredient in any home hi-fi system of course. But while on the one hand it’s essential in powering our music systems, on the other it can affect hi-fi performance if not handled properly. Think of it as the fuel that’s required to get a car running – if you want to get the best performance, you need to ensure that its being fed the cleanest ‘fuel’ possible.

Our mains supply can be affected by numerous factors, whether it be the journey it takes from the power station to your home, the other components that are in the vicinity of your system or air-borne signals from smartphones, wi-fi or Bluetooth devices.

While the basic mains cables that come bundled with components do a good job of getting it the power it needs to run, they invariably lack the quality of materials and high-end construction that are required to protect the integrity of the electricity, resulting in a significant reduction in quality.

Make the change
In direct comparison, the improvements that specialist mains cables can have on the performance of a hi-fi system can be profound. Suddenly, the noise floor drops and the sound becomes more focussed. Grain is reduced, leading to improved clarity. Bass becomes tighter and better defined, while treble enjoys more space. The result is a performance that is altogether more solid, dynamic and allows you to realise your system’s full potential.

Reviewed in issue 431, IsoTek’s Evo3 Corvus is the perfect way to experience this improvement in sound quality for yourself. With nine sockets and the power handling capacity to accommodate some fairly substantial setups, it is designed to counter Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise as well as RFI. You can turn to the review and read for yourself just how impressive it is, but needless to say, it doesn’t disappoint – and now it can be yours.

Our winner will receive a £695 IsoTek Evo3 Corvus with Premier mains cable. Meanwhile, seven lucky runners up will get an Evo3 Initium mains cable (worth £75).

When we reviewed this excellent power cable back in HFC 413, we couldn’t help but be impressed by what we heard. It significantly improved the clarity of the sound and provided a noticeable step up in the quality of instrument focus. In addition, the background sounded quieter while the bass was more extended and fuller sounding. 

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