Keith Monks new vinyl cleaners

Two new models to keep records spick-and-span

Keith Monks has unveiled two new record cleaning machines, one of which is its smallest ever – the discOvery microLight (above). Designed to remove mould release oils, grime and dust from vinyl, they can clean both sides of the record in around three minutes using the company’s specialist fluid before fully drying with a medical-grade suction pump that’s imported from Germany. Best of all, the entire process is carried out in near silence.

The £1,995 discOvery One Redux (pictured above) brings together the best of previous Keith Monks cleaners in a compact, low-profile cabinet (bottom pic), while the £1,795 discOvery microLight offers the same functionality in a smaller chassis with a specially designed panel into which personalised images can be attached. The discOvery Natural Precision cleaning fluid provided is biodegradable. Click here to discover more.