Kii introduces THREE active loudspeaker

Class D active speakers said to be unfussy about placement

Designed to be unfussy about room positioning, the Kii THREE is a fully active loudspeaker built around Bruno Putzeys’ (HFC 426) Ncore Class D power amplifiers to handle six speaker drivers firing to the front, side and rear, but working together to throw the sound in the forward direction only. Measuring just 200 x 400 x 400mm (WxHxD), the compact system from the Germany-based specialist deploys its proprietary ‘Active Wave Focusing Filters’ to create a time-aligned output from the front-firing 25mm tweeter and 127mm midrange, plus 2x side and 2x rear-firing 165mm bass drivers. The sophisticated DSP ensures a coherent ‘forward’ sound and keeps the drive units within their safe operating range. A 16-position Boundary control allows the DSP to compensate for room positioning and a ‘Contour’ control selects from 14-preset EQ curves to fine tune the system to your taste. Available in high gloss white and graphite satin metallic as standard, with custom colours and finishes available at extra cost. Click here for more.