May 2017 issue on sale now!

We're very excited about our new issue out this week packed with the very best hi-fi kit reviews and a visit to Spiritland's 'listening cafe' and our record collectors go crate digging in Edinburgh's best vinyl venues

A quick glance at the product reviews pictured on the left of this page demonstrate that vinyl is still very much on trend as it continues to appeal to music fans of all ages and budgets. Vinyl is no longer a revival format, it’s the format of choice for an increasing number of us and Roksan’s Radius 7 turntable and Arcam’s rSeries phono stage are fine examples of the continuing stream of products available to fans in what is one of the most buoyant sectors of the audio market. For a format that appeared to be on the brink of extinction just a few years ago, its return to the mainstream has been meteoric with more products and LPs than ever to fuel our passion.   

Our support for the much-loved format is well documented in these pages and this month’s Destination feature visits Edinburgh’s best stores for crate diggers. April also marks the 10th Record Store Day event – held on Saturday 22 just as we go on sale with this issue. The ethos of the day is very much about bringing independent record shop staff, customers and artists together to celebrate the role stores play in the community. This year’s event looks set to be bigger than ever with labels releasing over 400 limited editions and picture discs from artists available at stores on the day. Even hi-fi brands are getting in on the act, and Rega has a limited-edition hybrid turntable design that costs £250 and will be available to vinyl fans at select participating stores on the day.