Mitchell & Johnson unveils new 800 Series

New flagship series includes preamp, power amp and CD player

Designed and built in the UK, Mitchell & Johnson has announced the launch of its
800 Series of hi-fi components. The first two products to be unveiled in the new flagship
series are the S800 preamp with multi-input DAC and phono stage, and matching S815 power amp – both priced £1,299 each. A matching CD player is expected to follow in November.

The S800 ‘digital’ preamp includes a phono stage that’s compatible with moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges, plus
it has four analogue RCAs and balanced inputs. Digital inputs include 3x optical, 3x coaxial and asynchronous USB – all catered for via an ESS Sabre 9018 DAC.

The S815 Class AB power amp is rated at 2x 150W RMS into 8ohm, which rises to 2x 300W RMS with 4ohm speaker loads. It shares the same casework and aluminium front panel as the S800 preamp, but has a pair of illuminated VU meters to indicate the output level across both left and right channels. It offers RCA and XLR inputs, and also has RCA stereo line outputs for bi-amping and dual speaker terminals to facilitate  bi-wiring. On sale now, you can find out more about the 800 Series here.