Q Acoustics unveils new 3000i Series loudspeakers

New range includes two standmounts and a floorstander

Q Acoustics has launched its latest entry-level loudspeaker range – the 3000i Series. The three new models, which consist of a brace of standmounts and a floorstander, form the core of the company’s hi-fi loudspeaker range. They are an evolution of the previous 3000 Series and include innovations first employed in its high-end flagship Concept 500 loudspeaker (HFC 426).  

The new range uses acoustically analysed and specific points strengthened using P2P (point to point) bracing on the speaker cabinets and the structural integrity is further improved, thanks to the top and front baffles boasting double thickness and precision-cut corners. As a result, the new speakers are slightly taller and 25 percent deeper than their 3000 Series predecessors.

The floorstanding 3050i (pictured above) also benefits from HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser) technology that's designed to tackle unwanted resonances in tall loudspeaker enclosures, which can generate increased internal pressure caused by standing waves that colour the sound. HPE uses tubes inside the speaker’s cabinet to equalise the pressure to eliminate vibrations and maintain a transparent soundstage.

The range starts with the £199 3010i: this compact standmount loudspeaker uses a 22mm tweeter that has been isolated from the 100mm mid/bass driver to reduce interference. Sensitivity is claimed to be 86dB/1W/1m with a frequency range of 65Hz to 30kHz.

The £249 3020i (above) is also a standmount and includes the same 22mm tweeter, but combined with a larger 125mm mid/bass driver. Sensitivity is improved to 89dB and the frequency range is quoted at 64Hz to 30kHz.

Finally there is the £649 3050i, which is a floorstanding model that employs the same 22mm tweeter but partners it with two 165mm mid/bass drivers. The resulting sensitivity is quoted at 91dB and the frequency range 44Hz to 30kHz.

All the models use new low-profile binding posts that can accept a 4mm banana plug, have an attractive chrome-finish bezel around each driver and magnetic cloth grilles. The new 3000i loudspeakers come in a choice of four finishes: arctic white, carbon black, graphite grey, and English walnut all at no extra cost. The range is available to buy now and you can click here to find out more. Read our full review on the 3050i comming soon.