Sonus faber introduces new Sonetto series

Just one Sonetto? No, the new range includes five new speakers

Italian maestro Sonus faber has announced a new loudspeaker collection. Like all its models, the Sonetto range is handcrafted in Vicenza, and the new lineup sits between the company’s existing Venere and Olympica loudspeaker collections. With five models sold as stereo pairs, it includes two standmount and three floorstander designs, plus two home cinema centre speakers and an on-wall model for multi-channel installations. 

Starting with the Sonetto I (£1,450), the smallest standmount is a two-way configuration ported cabinet measuring 219 x 359 x 305mm (WxHxD) fitted with the company’s 29mm DAD (Damped Apex Dome) tweeter and a 150mm mid/bass driver that claims 87dB sensitivity and 4ohm nominal impedance. The Sonetto II (£1,898, pictured) standmount offers the same electrical specification and 29mm tweeter as its smaller sibling but is housed in a larger cabinet, measuring 250 x 370 x 334mm (WxHxD) with a 165mm mid/bass driver. Matching stands cost £430 per pair.

The Sonetto III (£3,298) is the first of the floorstanding designs and is a three-way configuration measuring 219 x 1,018 x 305mm (WxHxD). It carries the same 29mm tweeter, but is partnered with a 150mm dedicated midrange driver and 2x 150mm bass drivers and is rated at 89dB sensitivity at 4ohm. The Sonetto V (£4,250) ups the cabinet size to 258 x 1,072 x 409mm (WxHxD) and has 2x 180mm bass drivers, while the VIII (£5,698) tops the range at 283 x 1,188 x 427mm (WxHxD) employing a third 180mm bass driver. Both claim 90dB sensitivity and each Sonetto model is available in wood, piano black or matte white. Distirbuted in the UK by Absolute Sounds, you can find out more about Sonus faber's Sonetto range here.