Tannoy unveils new Legacy series

In its 90-year history, one of Tannoy's biggest succeses was its HPD loudspeaker series from the seventies. and now the hugely popular speaker series is set to return with every element crucial to its breathtaking dynamic range, clarity of sound and classic look  preserved, while refinements that reflect only true audio progress have carefully been added. 

Hand crafted in Coatbridge, Scotland, every speaker  in the new Legacy series will include an ‘owner’s care package’ as well as a certificate of authenticity, signed by the experts that made them. The new speakers include the floorstanding Legacy Arden and Legacy Cheviot alongside the standmount Legacy Eaton.

The Legacy Arden is a two- way floor-standing loudspeaker featuring a Dual Concentric driver based on the famous HPD 1974 pedigree technology for point-source imaging. It boasts a 15in driver with 600W power handling, bi-wireable binding posts and 8 mm floor coupling spikes.

Also a floorstander, the Legacy Cheviot boasts a 12in driver with 500W power handling along with the same Daul Concentric driver. It adds a fifth binding post to the bi-wreable ones to provide grounding in an effort to reduce radio frequency interference and improve midrange clarity.

Completeing the range, the bookshelf Legacy Eaton is also a two-way speaker, but with a 10in Dual Concentric driver. It's front-mounted control panel houses a two-band energy control with boost and attenuation compensation for room design and tailoring to personal preference and it's calimed to have 400W power handling. It comes equipped with bi-wireable binding posts and 12mm coupling rubber pads for stability to dissipate unwanted energy.

Tannoy's Legacy range is available from the end of May and prices are still TBC, click here to find out more.