Webwatch November

HFC reveals the best hi-fi websites and online content to fuel your passion for sound Top of the class

Class D remains a controversial choice for manufacturers – some can get it to sound fabulous and for others it is a huge challenge. In this fascinating video, PS Audio’s co-founder Paul McGowan explains what can be done to get the best from it here

Pressing matters

Based in Copenhagen, English photographer Alastair Philip Wiper goes behind the scenes
in factories, observatories and places of industrial endeavour. In this fascinating series he shoots the world’s largest vinyl pressing plant in the Netherlands. Take a look for yourself here

Hi-res made easy

Hi-res has been one of arguably the biggest innovations in the hi-fi industry in recent years, but what’s the fuss about? What’s the significance of resolution and sampling rate, what’s better: lossy or lossless and what’s the best way to enjoy it? In this simple guide Qobuz explains all here.     

Behind the music

Not content with making headphones and microphones, US manufacturer Shure has also unveiled its own podcast. Signal Path includes interviews with artists, engineers, producers and sound designers (as well as a look at Spotify in episode 4)and is well worth a listen. Subscribe and enjoy here

The fifth element

In his regular series of Fifth Element articles, record producer John Marks shares his expert opinion on everything from system building and the importance of synergy, to audio politics and recordings of special merit.
Read all about it and have your say in the debate here

Care in the community

From its superb ONE multi-room loudspeaker (HFC 433) to its recent Beam (HFC 441), Sonos has become a specialist for multi-room wireless sound, and its excellent community page is a great place for advice on everything from setup and controllers to voice control and smart implementation. See for yourself here.