Webwatch October

HFC reveals the best hi-fi websites and online content to fuel your passion for sound Time for two-channel

Having mastered multi-channel with its receivers and processors, AV specialist Anthem Electronics is finally making the move into two-channel, launching stereo amps, preamps and integrateds featuring its room calibration tool. See for yourself in this short video. 

Spot the difference

Just how big an audiophile do you think you are? Can you differentiate between uncompressed audio and a plain old MP3 file? This test plays three audio samples of six different tracks to tell if your ears have the skills to spot the difference. Click here to give it a go. 

HiFi Hints

Youtube is a great place to get advice on everything from grounding your system to balancing a tonearm or changing a cartridge, but how do you ensure you’re not being given duff advice? UK distributor Henley Audio’s HiFi Hints provides reliable help from the experts. See for yourself here.

What’s inside?

In a horrific demonstration of having more money than sense, this Youtuber seems to think it’s a good idea to systematically rip apart $3,000’s worth of Devialet Gold Phantom to see what’s inside. Watch the act of a Philistine here and hope that he’s kinder to the rest of his hi-fi.

Analogue versus digital

What are the relative merits of analogue mastering compared with going digital? In this excellent feature by The Vinyl Factory, three mastering and cutting engineers sit down to explain the process, pointing out the merits and failings of both vinyl manufacturing methods Read all about it here

Parasol Peak

Handpan musician Manu Delago has a stunning new film arriving in selected cinemas now in which he embarks on an expedition to the Alps with seven other musicians. See the trailer here to get a taste of the fabulous album and their incredible journey