Webwatch September

HFC reveals the best hi-fi websites and online content to fuel your passion for sound Question time

PS Audio’s CEO and co-founder, Paul McGowan regularly answers reader system queries on his excellent Youtube channel, covering everything from listening off-axis through to cable directionality and system synergy. See for yourself here

Record collector

Recognised as the greatest radio DJ of all time, John Peel’s record collection is legendary, consisting of 25,000 LPs and 40,000 singles. And now you can explore it for yourself or check out the Record Box series where famous fans take you on a tour. Click here to start exploring.

Sound and vision

US magazine Juxtapoz is more associated with the art world than the music one, but it’s new Sound and Vision section on its website explores the story behind the artwork of iconic albums. Artists already covered include Patti Smith, Radiohead, Michael Jackson and Björk. Find out more here.     

Behind the scenes

Bowers & Wilkins’ director of product marketing and communications, Andy Kerr, takes us on a guided tour of B&W’s Worthing factory as we go behind the scenes to see the full production process from start to finish of the stunning 800 Series Diamond range loudspeakers. Explore the factory here

Introducing Kozmophone

Described as the world’s first modular speaker and holographic turntable concept, this Kickstarter will be over by the time you read this, but looks set go into production as it’s easily met its target. Heath Robinson contraption gone wrong or the shape of the future? Click here and you be the judge.  

What does it all mean?

Though vinyl is still mass produced, it remains very much a hands-on business – something that the machine-printed or hand inscribed numbers and letters in the run-out grooves prove. But what do they mean and how do you find out if your wax is rare or collectible? All is revealed here.