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Awards 2011

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Ed Selley  |  Jan 10, 2012  |  0 comments
Product of the Year Winner Classé CP-800 When Classé delivered the CP-800 to HFC’s offices, hopes were high. Classé boss Dave Nauber had already stated the unit was better with a mobile phone than any CD player and so the challenge was born. Two of our most experienced reviewers confirmed, independently of one another, that they preferred listening to music via the USB input over a variety of expensive, high-end CD players. This ground-breaking preamp will leave its mark in hi-fi history, of that we’re certain.
Ed Selley  |  Jan 10, 2012  |  0 comments
Best Interconnect Peerless Sigma Peerless is one of the smaller brands in the UK market, but if the Sigma is anything to go by, that’s set to change. The cable is a no-nonsense design that combines good-quality materials and sound design practice. The result is a cable that produces finely detailed images with an even tonal balance. It also includes an open and clear treble and good control of the lower octaves.
Ed Selley  |  Jan 10, 2012  |  0 comments
Best Loudspeaker up to £1,000 Epos Epic 5 The Epic 5 manages to get an awful lot right even before you connect it up. For starters, it’s a very handsome and well-built speaker for the asking price and we love the clever interchangeable baffles. Once connected, the news just gets better. The Epic 5 combines excellent detail retrieval, accurate and appealing tonality, and a fast and tuneful low end.
Ed Selley  |  Jan 10, 2012  |  0 comments
Best Loudspeaker over £1,000 Rega RS7 Winning a Blind-Listening Group Test (HFC 347) is always a considerable achievement. Winning against five dedicated speaker manufacturers (when your own product is part of a wider range of electronics) is remarkable, but this is what Rega has achieved with the RS7. Making use of a clever transmission-loaded side-firing bass driver, the RS7 demonstrates outstanding coherence and openness. As we noted at the time, it never fails to make listening fun and that’s surely the whole point.