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What's your favourite way to discover new music?
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Where do you buy your CDs?
41% (173 votes)
High street record stores
9% (37 votes)
Charity shops
7% (28 votes)
Online plus high street stores/shops
25% (106 votes)
I no longer buy CDs
19% (83 votes)
Total votes: 427
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Would you subscribe to a streaming service dedicated to classical music?
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Music buyers’ craving for vinyl is insatiable across every genre, but horror movie soundtrack collectors have never been better served. Public-service labels such as One Way Static, Mondo, Waxwork Records, Blackest Rainbow, Silva Screen and Death Waltz continue to raid the movie crypts, emerging into the light with dusty reels of scores from the sixties, seventies and beyond – some forgotten; others legendary; many previously unreleased; increasing numbers seminal. To put the current cream of the crop into context, we need to go back to the beginning…