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Edwards Audio unveils new IA3-R amplifier

In development for two years, Talk Electronics' latest looks to be a winner

Two years in development, Talk Electronics has unveiled its latest Edwards Audio integrated amplifier. The IA3-R boasts a new MOSFET output stage, RF filtering, improved small signal transistors and a new custom-wound toroidal transformer.

It claims power output of 2x 90W into 8ohm and a signal-to-noise ratio of 85dB at 1W. Completely designed and manufactured in the UK, it has a blue backlit display and comes equipped with a remote control handset. An optional high-grade MM/MC phono card can be included in the chassis for an additional £200 (IA3-RP). Dimensions are 480 x 90 x 325mm (WxHxD) and the dials on the front are available in either black or silver. The IA3-R is available now starting from £1,450. Click here for more.