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PMC’s new cor integrated

It's a first consumer amplifier for PMC

PMC has unveiled its first consumer integrated amplifier, hoping to deliver its high-end electronics to a whole new audience. Claimed to be completely neutral, the cor (as in ‘heart’) adds no character of its own to music, following precisely the same ethos as the company’s loudspeakers where nothing is added or taken away.

According to PMC, every individual element of the cor has been developed with purity of sound upper most in the design process. Power output from the Class AB design is rated at 95W into 8ohm (and 140W into 4ohm) and a Class AB headphone amplifier is also built-in. Unashamedly an analogue-only device, connections are limited
to four unbalanced RCA inputs alongside a brace of balanced XLRs. All of the audio signal passing through the controls remain entirely in the analogue domain and there’s a defeat option that routes the signal only via the volume control if desired. Audio switching comes via hermetically sealed, inert gas-filled, gold-plated relays for zero oxidisation and better electronic isolation.

Although the cor performs all the functions of a traditional integrated, its circuit design is a little different from the norm, opting to adopt the ‘Darlington’ circuit. Based on the work of Bell Labs’ Sydney Darlington, it’s claimed to provide the ultimate in short signal paths and sonic transparency. 

Taking its design cues from Dieter Rams and Raymond Loewy, the £4,995 cor is crafted from extruded aluminium and is also available with a black finish. A matching remote offers control for volume, balance and tonal adjustments. Find out more here.