Webwatch March

HFC reveals the best hi-fi websites, social media and online content to fuel your passion for soundTape that and party

In an effort to explore the growing popularity of the humble compact cassette, Radio Four’s The World At One got a selection of DJs, journalists and record label owners to explain what it is that they still find so enduring about tape. Hear for yourself what they love about the format here.

Reel gone kid

Our very own Neville Roberts is oneof many music enthusiasts enjoying the re-emergence of reel-to-reel tapes. Is it the new vinyl? Short answer, no. Long answer, it’s complicated. All this and more is revealed in this fascinating video. Click here to watch it.

Messing around in boats

It’s difficult enough putting together a well-matched system in your home let alone trying to do it on the high seas, but that’s precisely what Naim Audio did when it teamed up with Princess Yachts. Read about the challenges the two manufacturers faced in this feature.

Mastering mastering

You’ve no doubt read numerous music reviews and features (see last month’s Aretha Franklin one for starters) mentioning the quality or otherwise or vinyl mastering, but what goes into the process of sculpting sound? Leading engineers in the field reveal all in this amazing video, click here to view.


Name that tune

What does a manufacturer mean when they talk about tuning a loudspeaker and how do they go about it? Dynaudio Acoustic Engineer Kristoffer Jørgensen explains the process involved from concept all the way through to final product, as well as answering viewers questions. See for yourself by clicking here

Fix up look sharp

One of the problems with repeated use of treasured records or buying secondhand is that the sleeves can get torn or become damaged over time. This excellent step-by-step guide reveals the art of repairing damaged sleeves so that they look good as new. Find out more by clicking here.